Whooping Crane Bird Watching


Whooping Crane Bird Watching in Rockport, TX

Birds are some of the most fascinating creatures around, so if you enjoy watching birds, don’t miss out on whooping crane bird watching in Rockport, TX. These incredible birds are worth the watch!

What Are Whooping Cranes?

The Texas Coastal Bend is recognized as one of the premier bird watching areas in the world
with over 400 documented species. Many species of birds can be seen all along the shorelines of Aransas Bay. You can download the Aransas Pathways App to find local birding hot spots or get out on the water aboard the Skimmer located on Fulton Harbor right across the street from the Inn.

Our most famous species is the endangered Whooping Crane. Each November these majestic
birds arrive in and around the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge just north of Rockport-Fulton. The best way to see these magnificent birds is by boat but they can be seen at a distance by car on the nearby Lamar Peninsula

The Whooping Crane has a distinctive whooping call and communicates mainly by vocal cues. These calls are mainly warning against danger, finding members of the flock, or protecting the young whooping cranes.

Why Choose The Inn at Fulton Harbor?

If you want to enjoy watching Whooping Cranes go about their day, we’re the perfect location to visit. We are close to the water with spectacular views anywhere in the Inn, and in close proximity to the areas the Whopping Cranes frequent. At The Inn at Fulton Harbor, you’re never far away from seeing these majestic birds in action.

How Can You Reserve Your Stay?

Whether you’ve watched Whooping Cranes for years or this is your first time doing so, we hope to see you. Reservations are easy to make with our online reservation system, and you can conveniently choose the room you want, plus see prices and availability at our inn. That way, you can easily time your stay around when Whooping Cranes grace our coast.

How Can You Learn More?

Whether you want to discuss Whooping Crane bird watching season or see what rooms are best for seeing these graceful creatures in Rockport, TX, we encourage you to call us today. Reach out to us at 361-790-5888 or online. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.